Joseph de la NÉZIÈRE ( 1873 - 1944 )

Joseph de La Nézière was born in Bourges, France in 1873. He started off as a law student and with a passion for classical music. He left his studies and started to take art lessons, together with the befriended artist Alfred Roll, a member of the Beaux-Arts Academy in Paris. de la Nézière traveled extensively in North Africa and became a well-known orientalist artist. He also visited numerous times the Far East from 1901 until 1918. He was commissioned in 1910 to illustrate the stamps for the postal service of French North African colonies. In 1939, he became a teacher at the "Lycée technique de Fort" in France. Joseph de la Nézière eventually died in 1944 in Casablanca, whilst visiting Morrocco during the Second World War.